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Judy Group for Real Estate Services – Web Design

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Judy Group began its journey in Istanbul, Turkey, with Madam Judy, the founder, working alongside the international real estate development company ICY. Her success in the field and numerous successful deals led to the official establishment of Judy Real Estate Group in 2014. By collaborating with top real estate developers in Istanbul, the group achieved significant sales and developed strong industry relationships. In 2023, Judy Group expanded its operations to Dubai, marking the start of its global journey and continuing its mission in the real estate market.


Judy Group’s website is designed to effectively showcase their real estate expertise and services. Their primary focus includes property sales, investment in commercial real estate, and property management on behalf of owners. The strategy highlights their successful history and recent expansion into Dubai, emphasizing their commitment to quality and client satisfaction. The website aims to attract potential clients by clearly presenting the benefits and features of their services.


The website of Judy Group features a modern and professional design, with vibrant colors that convey trust and excellence. The design incorporates:

This design creates an inviting, professional online environment that encourages user engagement and supports Judy Group’s mission.


The website includes several features to enhance user experience and support the company’s activities, such as:

The website was developed using WordPress and Divi Theme, with custom coding in PHP, CSS, and JS as needed.

Client Requirements
Competitor Analysis
Design Study

Through detailed consultations and understanding the client's needs, practical examples were created to simulate the agreed-upon points. Upon client approval, the full-scale website development commenced, ensuring all requirements were met.

A thorough analysis of competitors in the real estate sector was conducted to identify common practices and integrate them into the website. This helped incorporate effective strategies while ensuring Judy Group's unique aspects were highlighted.

Based on the analysis, the appropriate design for Judy Group was developed. The focus was on a modern and vibrant design that reflects professionalism and appeals to clients. The chosen colors and design style enhance the user experience, ensuring smooth and pleasant interactions with the site.

The launch of the new website significantly increased Judy Group’s reach and communication with clients. The site attracted more visitors, increased inquiries, and enhanced engagement with the company’s services. The professional platform clearly presented the group’s activities, helping to attract potential clients and strengthen their presence in the competitive Dubai real estate market.