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Bunyan Al-Mostqbal FOUNDATION – Web Design

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Bunyan Al-Mostqbal for Development and Services is a community-based non-profit organization established in the Arab Republic of Egypt in 2018, registered under number 10801 under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity in Greater Cairo. The Board of Trustees consists of Syrian and Egyptian citizens dedicated to assisting all refugees


The primary goals of Bunyan Al-Mostqbal Foundation are to develop individuals and communities, with a particular focus on family care as a fundamental aspect of their mission. By providing necessary training and support, the foundation aims to transform needy families into productive and self-reliant ones. Additionally, the foundation is committed to supporting and rehabilitating children with special needs, offering relief to impoverished families, and providing educational services such as literacy programs and tutoring for underprivileged students.


The visual design of Bunyan Al-Mostqbal Foundation’s website reflects a modern and child-friendly theme with vibrant colors that convey a sense of hope and positivity. The design incorporates the following colors:

The design aims to create an inviting and accessible online space that encourages engagement and supports the foundation’s mission.


The website of Bunyan Al-Mostqbal Foundation includes several features that enhance the user experience and support the foundation’s activities:

The website was built using WordPress and Divi Theme, with custom codes as needed in PHP, CSS, and JS.

Client Requirements
Competitor Analysis
Design Study

Through detailed interviews and listening to the foundation's needs, practical examples were created to simulate the agreed-upon points. After receiving approval, the complete website development began, ensuring all requirements were met.

A comprehensive search for similar non-profit organizations was conducted to understand common practices and apply them to the website. This analysis helped to incorporate effective strategies while ensuring the unique aspects of Bunyan Al-Mostqbal were highlighted.

Based on the analysis of requirements and similar organizations, the suitable design for Bunyan Al-Mostqbal Foundation was determined. The focus was on a modern and vibrant design that reflects the foundation's mission and attracts engagement. The colors and design style were used to enhance the user experience and make interaction with the site smooth and welcoming.

Thanks to the new website, Bunyan Al-Mostqbal Foundation achieved a significant increase in reach and communication with the community. The foundation was able to attract more visitors, increase volunteer sign-ups, and enhance engagement with its initiatives. The website provided a professional platform that clearly showcased the foundation’s activities and attracted potential donors and volunteers, enhancing their impact and presence in the community.