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Swiftbooks Business Solution – Web Design

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Swiftbooks is a leading company in providing software and network solutions, specializing in serving both the public and private sectors. With a strong foundation and effective experience spanning eight years, Swiftbooks has successfully delivered services in Arab and international markets, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and many other countries.


The primary goals of Swiftbooks through its website are to explain and market their services. They offer an ERP program and a simplified accounting system integrated with Swiftbooks, which facilitates direct invoicing and sales to tax authorities. To achieve these goals, the website focuses on clearly and attractively presenting their services, highlighting the key benefits and features of each program. Although there were no detailed pre-existing plans, the strategy involved providing educational and promotional content to attract customers and demonstrate the value of the solutions offered.


The visual appearance of Swiftbooks’ website relies on screenshots of the program pages to highlight the look and feel of the software. The design follows a modern and simple style, with the colors

The design emphasizes a seamless and visually appealing user experience that helps visitors quickly understand the services and products.


Swiftbooks’ website includes several features that enhance the user experience and provide essential functionalities, such as:

The website was built using WordPress and Divi Theme, with custom codes as needed in PHP, CSS, and JS.

Client Requirements
Competitor Analysis
Design Study

Through interviews and detailed listening to the client's requests, practical examples were built that simulate the agreed-upon points. After receiving client approval, the complete website development began, ensuring all requirements were met.

A comprehensive search for competitors in the same field was conducted to understand common points among clients and employ them in creating the website. This analysis helped to account for differences and use them correctly to serve the project and make it stand out.

Based on the analysis of requirements and competitors, the suitable design for Swiftbooks was determined. The focus was on a modern and simple design that reflects professionalism and attracts clients. The colors and design style were used to enhance the user experience and make interaction with the site smooth and comfortable.

Thanks to the new website, Swiftbooks achieved a noticeable increase in reach and communication with clients. They were able to attract more visitors and increase interactions, leading to a significant boost in sales. The website helped the company improve its operations by providing a professional platform that clearly showcases services and attracts potential clients, enhancing their market presence.